DEPARTMENT: Radiation Oncology
HOD: Dr. Tapas Maji MBBS, MD, DNB
In the Grade of Specialist Grade I
TEAM:Dr. Debarshi Lahiri-In the Grade of Specialist Grade II
Dr. Sanjoy Roy-Consultant
Dr. Dilip Kumar Ray- Senior physicist & Radiation Safety Officer
Mr. Rajib Das - Physicist.
Mr. Dilip Kumar Misra - Physicist
Mr. Atanu Kumar -Physicist
Mr. Bijan Mohanta-Physicist
Dr. Anjan Adak- Senior resident
Dr. Aparna Ganguli-Senior resident
Dr. Liaqat Ali Molla -Junior resident
Mr. Tapas Kar - Radiotherapy Technician
Mr. Barun Roychaudhuri -Radiotherapy Technician
Mr. Mans Bhattacharya -Radiotherapy Technician
Mr. Prasanta Kumar Ray- Radiotherapy Technician
Mr. Kausik Ghosh - Radiotherapy Technician
Mr. Satyaranjan Pramanik- Radiotherapy Technician
Detail:Clinical Activities / Objective of the department:The cost of precision radiotherapy with quality control is increasing rapidly with the incorporation of advanced technologies in the modern radiotherapy equipments. To cope with the situation the department of radiotherapy is provided with a new state-of-the-art Dual Photon Energy Linear Accelerator with IMRT, IGRT, VMAT and Stereotactic Radiosurgery & Stereotactic Radiotherapy facilities to cater precision radiotherapy also to the economically backward cancer patients. The patient treatments utilizing the above facilities in the department have started since March 2012. Procurement of the second Linear Accelerator with Low Energy X-Ray with all the above facilities and 4D wide bore CT Simulator is under process. In addition the department also possesses one Tele-cobalt machine, two High Dose Rate remote after-loading Ir-192 Brachytherapy machines including Integrated Brachytherapy Unit, CT Simulation facility and 3D-Treatment Planning System.
The department runs Post Graduate Courses like DNB Radiotherapy and Post M.Sc. Diploma Course in Medical Physics. The department also started internship in Medical Physics. Further, the department runs undergraduate courses like DRT (Tech) & DRD (Tech). The department organized regular seminars for various academic programs running in the department.
Brief description of work done:Total no. of Radiotherapy beds = 37 (General/Free – 21, Subsidised – 16)
Total no. of Indoor admissions = 526 (General/Free – 347, Subsidised – 179)
OPD attendance = 7526 (General/Free – 5304, Subsidised – 2222)
New Cases Planned for External Beam Radiotherapy = 1056
Brachytherapy cases: ICRT for Ca Cervix: 395
Cancer sites:Head & Neck & No. of patients treated (EBRT):220
Cancer sites:Gastro-intestinal & No. of patients treated (EBRT):56
Cancer sites:Head & Neck & No. of patients treated (EBRT):220
Cancer sites:Lung & No. of patients treated (EBRT):57
Cancer sites:Breast & No. of patients treated (EBRT):216
Cancer sites:Cervix & Uterus & No. of patients treated (EBRT):395
Cancer sites:Genito-Urinary & No. of patients treated (EBRT):25
Cancer sites:Lymphomas & Leukemia & No. of patients treated (EBRT):37
Cancer sites:Brain & Neurological & No. of patients treated (EBRT):17
Cancer sites:Miscellaneous & No. of patients treated (EBRT):33
Post M.Sc. Diploma Course in Medical Physics:This institute runs Post M.Sc. Diploma Course in Medical Physics since 2011 in collaboration with Jadavpur University, Kolkata under affiliation of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Govt. of India. Following eight students have been admitted in the course for session 2012-13.
1.Ishita Sinha
2. Sourav Mondal
3. Samar Mondal
4. Punam Kumari
5. Sandipan Roychoudhury
6. Rajdip Mitra
7. A. Govinda Rao
8. Swarup Daw
Medical Physics Internship:As per revised Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Government of India, AERB Safety Code, 2011 [Code No. AERB/RF-MED/SC-1 (REV. 1)], minimum 12 months internship in a recognized well equipped radiation therapy department has been specified as a mandatory requirement for the candidates qualifying Medical Physics/Radiation Physics training programme from 2013 onwards for their recognition as Medical Physicist. This institute started one year internship in Medical Physics from 2013. There are five posts of Medical Physics Interns. At present following two candidates from Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati are undergoing Medical Physics Internship program:1. Ms. Monalisha Roy
2. Ms. Tanushree Saha
Diplomate of the National Board of Examination (DNB) Program
Diplomate of the National Board of Examination (DNB), New Delhi course for Radiotherapy was started in the institute in year 2005 with two primary seats in each specialty per year. At present tw

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