Dr. Tapas Maji, MD, DNB
Head of the Department
Dr. Debarshi Lahiri -Specialist Grade ||
Dr. Dilip Kumar Ray -Senior physicist & Radiation Safety Officer
Dr. Sanjoy Roy -Specialist on Contractual basis
Junior Doctors
Dr. Palas De- Senior Resident
Dr. Saptarshi Banerjee-Senior Resident
Dr. Raju Mitra- Junior Resident
Mr. Rajib Das- Physicist
Mr. Dilip Kumar Misra- Physicist
Mr. Atanu Kumar- Physicist
Mr. Bijan Mohanta -Physicist
Other staff members
Mr. Tapas Kar Radiotherapy- Technician
Mr. Barun Roychaudhuri Radiotherapy -Technician
Mr. Manas Bhattacharya Radiotherapy- Technician
Mr. Prasanta Kumar Ray Radiotherapy -Technician
Mr. Kausik Ghosh Radiotherapy- Technician
Mr. Satyaranjan Pramanik Radiotherapy- Technician
Detail:Clinical Activities/Objectives of the department
The department possesses a new state‐of‐the‐art Dual Photon Energy Linear Accelerator with IMRT, IGRT, VMAT and Stereotactic Radiosurgery & Stereotactic Radiotherapy facilities to cater precision radiotherapy even to the economically backward cancer patients.The patient treatments utilizing the above facilities in the department have started since March 2012. Procurement of the second Linear Accelerator with Low Energy X‐Ray with all the above facilities and 4D wide bore CT Simulator is under process. In addition,the department also possesses one Tele‐cobalt machine, One High Dose Rate Remote After loading Ir‐ 192 Brachytherapy machine (Integrated Brachytherapy unit) and four 3D‐Treatment Planning Systems (MONACO ‐ Two, XIO and ONCENTRA). The department runs Post Graduate Courses like DNB Radiotherapy and Post M.Sc. Diploma Course inMedical Physics. The department is also conducting stipendiary internship in Medical Physics. Further, the department runs undergraduate courses like DRT (Tech) & DRD (Tech) under affiliation to State Medical Faculty of West Bengal. The department organized regular seminars for various academic programs running in the department.
Brief description of the work done
Total no. of Radiotherapy beds -37
General/Free -21
Subsidized- 16
Total no. of Indoor admissions- 552
General/Free -350
Subsidized -202
OPD attendance- 7849
General/Free -5643
Subsidized- 2206
New cases planned for external beam radiotherapy (computerized + manual) -976
Brachytherapy cases: ICRT for cervix, vagina and endometrial cancers -170
Details of category of new cases received for treatment by the department of Radiotherapy from the existing departments of the institute (Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, ENT‐Head & Neck Oncology and Gynecological Oncology):
Main site of cancer Sub sites / Cancer type / Organ-wise distribution Total no. of cases Referred from Skin - 6 Surgical Oncology Head & Neck (Oral Cavity) Lip (0) 103 (Surgical Oncology & ENT H & N Oncology) Tongue (49) Alveolous & hard palate (12) Buccal Mucosa (33) Retromolar trigone (9) Head & Neck (Oro-Pharynx) Base of the tongue (16) 25 (Surgical Oncology & ENT H & N Oncology) Soft palate (4) Tonsil (5) Others () Head & Neck (Nasopharynx) - 16 ENT H & N Oncology Head & Neck (Nasal cavity & PNS) - 15 ENT H & N Oncology Head & Neck (Salivary gland) - 13 (Surgical Oncology & ENT H & N Oncology) Head & Neck (Larynx) - 40 ENT H & N Oncology Head & Neck (Pyriform fossa) - 14 ENT H & N Oncology Thyroid - 5 (Surgical Oncology & ENT H & N Oncology) Lung - 95 Surgical Oncology Breast - 216 Surgical Oncology G.I System Esophagus (10) 61 Surgical Oncology Stomach (5) Surgical Oncology Rectum (32) Surgical Oncology Anal Canal (6) Surgical Oncology Hepatobilliary & Gall B (1) Surgical Oncology Genitourinary System Cervix uteri (185) 255 Gynecological oncology Endometrium (14) Gynecological oncology Vulva (7) Gynecological oncology Kidney (7) Surgical Oncology Urinary bladder (6) Surgical Oncology Prostate (24) Surgical Oncology Penis (12) Surgical Oncology Lymphoma & Hematological Malignancies Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (2) 35 Medical Oncology Non-Hodgkin Lymph (12) Medical Oncology Myeloma/Plasm acytoma (12) Medical Oncology Leukemia (9) Medical Oncology Primary tumors of central nervous sys. Brain & Spinal Cord 40 Radiotherapy and Surgical Oncology
Work done by Medical Physics
1. No. of External Beam 3D Computerized Treatment Planning (3DCRT, VMAT, IMRT, IGRT etc.) = 180
2. No. of Brachytherapy Computerized Treatment Planning =  170
3. No. of manual calculations for External Beam Radiotherapy Planning = 1570 (including re‐ planning)  
4. Conducted periodical Quality Assurance tests and Radiation Protection Survey of Radiotherapy and Radio‐diagnosis Installations.
5. Submitted Annual Status report on Radiation Safety to AERB, Govt. of India.
Scientific paper
1. Sayantan Bhattacharyya, Tapas Maji, Dilip Kumar Ray, Anup Kumar Bhowmick and Nabendu Murmu. Ionizing Radiation Increases the Circulatory Endothelial Progenitor Cell Population in Glottis Cancer Patients: J Nucl Med Radiat Ther Vol. 6, Issue 5, 2015.  
2. Partha Basu, MD, Alfred Bennett Jenson, MS, MD,Tapas Majhi, MD, Prabir Choudhury, DNB, Ranajit Mandal, MD, Dipanwita Banerjee, MS, Jaydip Biswas, MS, Jianmin Pan, PhD, Shesh Nath Rai, PhD, Shin je Ghim, PhD and Donald Miller, MD, PhD. Phase 2 Randomized Controlled Trial of Radiation Therapy Plus Concurrent Interferon‐Alpha and Retinoic Acid Versus Cisplatin for Stage III Cervical Carcinoma. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. Volume 94, Number 1, 2016.
Other academic activities
Paper/Poster presented
1. Dr. Dilip Kumar Ray presented papers in 36th Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists of India – AMPICON 2015 from 20th to 22nd November 2015 at RCC Trivandrum. He has also chaired a scientific session in the same conference.
1. Dr. Debarshi Lahiri attended a workshop for Capacity Building of Health Professionals in Research Methodology organized by National Board of Examinations, New Delhi from 9th to 11th July 2015 at Ranchi.
Training program
Post M.Sc. Diploma Course in Medical Physics
This institute runs Post M.Sc. Diploma Course in Medical Physics since 2011 in collaboration with Jadavpur University, Kolkata under affiliation of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Govt. of India. Ten students have been admitted in the course for session 2015‐16. Five candidates are pursuing one year internship in Medical Physics in this institute.
Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology (DRT – tech)
Four DRT (Tech) students have been admitted in session 2015‐16. Four DRT (Tech) students successfully passed the course. Eleven DRT (Tech) trainees from various Government Medical Colleges (listed below) have successfully completed one month clinical training in Linear Accelerator at this institute:
Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata
IPGME & R, Kolkata
Burdwan Medical College
N.R.S. Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata
R.G.Kar Medical College & Hospital
Diplomate of the National Board of Examinations (DNB) program
• Diplomate of the National Board of Examinations (DNB) course for Radiotherapy with accreditation of NBE, New Delhi was started in the institute in year 2005 with two primary seats and two post diploma seats per year. At present five candidates are pursuing the course.
• Dr. Dilip Kumar Ray, Mr. Rajib Das, Mr. Dillip Kumar Misra, Mr. Atanu Kumar and Mr. Bijan Kumar Mohanta have guided Medical Physics Interns and were also the project guides of Medical Physics students.
• Dr. Tapas Maji, Dr. Debarshi Lahiri, Dr. Dilip Kumar Ray, Mr. Dillip Kumar Misra, Mr. Atanu Kumar, Mr. Rajib Das and Mr. Bijan Kumar Mohanta acted as examiners and paper setters of Post M.Sc. Diploma in Medical Physics Course at Jadavpur University.
• Dr. D.K.Ray acted as a PhD guide in Medical Physics of candidate Mr. Devinand Singh.

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