Dr. S. N. Basak, BDS (Cal)
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Detail:‘Oral Cancer can be treated well if detected early’
I have not only felt that an early check‐up may cure cancer but also by respectable doctors who are fighting to remove cancer from the Society at large. Causes of oral cancer, apart from genetic factor and poor maintenance of oral hygiene, prove to be rooted in use of tobacco and tobacco product.  Use of tobacco and tobacco‐based products are not only the causes of oral cancer but also a genetic factor and poor maintenance of oral hygiene. It is proved that 30% of the patients, who visit our hospital, are the victims of tobacco, tobacco‐based products and bye‐products. Consumptions of tobacco and its products are century old habit of people.   However, we would appeal to all classes of people to stop uses of tobacco etc. forthwith
Consumption of tobacco is not only responsible for cancer but also maintenance of hygiene of teeth and gum is too important to restrict oral cancer.    Still today, we do not have any magic stick in our hand, despite tireless efforts of doctors, around the world, to eradicate cancer from the root level of the society unless the people are conscious about the danger use of tobacco etc. The rate of cancer victim must be lower if we are well aware about the danger use of tobacco and presently that would be our best achievement.
This department works in co‐ordination with the other departments of this institute including the department of Surgical oncology, Medical oncology, ENT, Radiology (Therapeutic), Gynaecological oncology.
In concluding part, I would urge to the people not to be frightened to go to the doctors. Because early detection of any disease, specially cancer can cure anybody if not too late. I sincerely believe that I would be helpful to them to be cured from the disease.
My best wishes to every patient and to those people who are devoted themselves to such causes.
Objectives of the department
• Prophylactic oro‐dental management of chemotherapy and radiotherapy patient.
• Post‐operative follow‐up.
• Minor dental surgical procedure including dental extraction.
• Protective restoration.
• Odontoplasty.
• Rehabilitation and prosthesis.
• Biopsy.
• Evaluation and management of oral pre‐malignant condition etc.
Brief description of the work done
1. Total number of cases -1569
2. Selective odontoplasty- 93
3. Silico phosphate restoration -108
4. Pre-radiotherapy chemotherapy oral hygiene instruction and motivation- 708
5. Prosthesis (Obturator)- 30
6. Dental extraction and minor oral surgical procedure- 690

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