DEPARTMENT:ENT-Head & Neck Oncology Department, CNCI
Dr Aniruddha Dam, MBBS MS, DLO, DNB(Specialist-Grade I & HOD )
TEAM:Dr. Anup Kr. Bhowmick, MS(Specialist Grade I) Dr. Rup Kr. Saha, MBBS(Chief. Medical Officer), Dr. Aniruddha Sarkar, MS, DNB(Specialist Grade II). Sister Ratna, OPD Sister(GNM. Nursing), Mr. Kartick Pramanik(OPD GDA staff), Dr.Priyadarshan Kumar, BDS, MDS(Jr. Resident), Dr. Shomes Mozumder MS(Sr Resident), Dr.Ankit Khandelwal, BDS, MDS(Clinical Fellow), Dr. Kinshuk Chatterjee, MS(Sr. Resident), Dr. Rupam Mitra, MBBS(Jr. Resident)]
The ENT-Head & Neck Oncology Department in CNCI has been structured to provide quality care to patients presenting with cancers of the head-neck region. Internationally accepted treatment protocols are offered in conjunction with the departments of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy through Multidisciplinary Disciplinary Tumor (MDT) Board. Major ablative and reconstructive surgeries are performed, including salvage surgery for those who fail earlier radiotherapy and or chemotherapy. The department utilizes sophisticated equipments including Storz rigid and flexible endocopes, Carl Zeiss Operating Microscope, Stryker Electric Saw, Harmonic scalpel etc for maximum patient benefit. Those with treatment failure are either managed in an outpatient basis or those patients requiring admission are handled sympathetically. Adequate patient counseling and assistance in the psychological and social rehabilitation of cancer patients are part of the treatment goal.
• Diagnosis and Staging for MDT Board treatment decisions for head and neck cancer
• Diagnosis and management of CARCINOMA OF THE TONGUE
• Diagnosis and management of ORAL CANCER
• Diagnosis and management of caner of the oropharynx, base of tongue, tonsil and palate
• Reconstructive surgery for head and neck cancer - Muscle and musculocutaneous flaps
• Upper OESOPHAGEAL CANCER and management
• Diagnosis and management of NASOPHARYNGEAL CANCER
• Diagnosis and management of THYROID CANCER
• Diagnosis and management of parotid tumours: Parotidectomy
• Aetiology, pathology and management of the lump in the neck in adults
• Diagnosis and management of tumours of the paranasal sinuses: maxillectomy
• Diagnosis and management SALIVARY GLAND TUMOURS: Parotidectomy
• Diagnosis and management of LARYNGEAL CANCER
• Conservation laryngeal surgery, partial laryngectomy - indications and techniques
• Diagnosis and management of Malignant Tumors affecting the ear & temporal bone
• Avoidance and management of complications of major head and neck surgery
• Post Radiotherapy & chemotherapy follow-up and management of complications
• Nutritional management of the head and neck cancer patient
• PALLIATIVE CARE for advanced/recurrent head and neck cancer patients.
• Voice Rehabilitation Clinic and Provox® Prosthesis management
Regular Voice Rehabilitation Clinic for patients who have undergone total laryngectomy including Prosthetic voice rehabilitation after Total Laryngectomy (Primary and Secondary TEP) are offered with special experience in the management of prosthesis (Provox® and Blom Singer®) related complications.
• Teaching & Training:
The Department offers Clinical Fellowship Program (non stipendiary) MDS Facio-Maxillary Surgeons on a 6+6 month period and also provides training MDS PGT students from Haldia Institute of Dental Sciences & Research as per MDS Curriculum of Dental Council of India. The department offers VIRTUAL TUMOR BOARD through the National Cancer Grid every Saturday through Telemedicine facility
• Research & Publication:
The Department regularly contributes to research in conjunction with the Research Scientists of the Institute and also contributes clinical and research material for publications in peer review journals throughout the year.
ENT-Head & Neck Oncology Department, Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, OPD: Monday to Saturday, Room No G7 Hospital Block
TeL 033-2476 5101-ext 344 (11am to 4.00pm)
Email: aniruddhadam@gmail.com

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