Central Research Instrumentation Facility

Central Research Institumentation Facility (CRIF) was established as a pool of sophisticated instruments required in the current research on cancer. CRIF provides to all the research workers of all the departments of CNCI, unrestricted and unhindered access to the large number of state of the instruments, maintained and supported by the team of CRIF, CNCI.
Instruments in Central Research Instrumentation Facility, CNCI
H.O.D :Dr. Madhumita Roy, Senior Scientific Officer(Assistant Director Grade)
Sri Sourin Maity-S.S.A..
Sri Diptendu Ghosh - S.S.A.
Ganga Routh-
Balance AB 104 [Mettler Toledo, Switzerland]
Balance PB 302 [Mettler Toledo, Switzerland]
Centrifuge Z 383 K [Hermle Labortenik GmbH]
Centrifuge 3K10 [SIGMA Laboratories, Germany]
Centrifuge 3K30 [SIGMA Laboratories, Germany]
Centrifuge 3K10 [SIGMA Laboratories, Germany]
Cold Room QC 1622 [Blue Star LTD. Kolkata]
Cryostat CM 1850 [Leica Mkrosysteme VertriebGmbH, Germany]
Cryostat CM 1800 [Leica Instruments, Germany]
Deep Freezer (-86°C) HFU 586 Plus [Heraeus, Germany]
Deep Freezer (-86°C) HFU 686 Top [Kendro Laboratories, Germany]
Densitometer GS 800 [BioRad, USA]
Dissecting Microscope MZ 16 [Leica Mikrosysteme, Germany]
ELISA Reader 550 [BioRed, USA]
ELISA Reader Infinite M-200 [Tecan Sales International Gmbh, Austria]
Fluorescence Microscope Eclipse E 600 [Nikon Corporation, Japan]
Fluorescence Microscope with Imaging System, DM 4000 & FW 4000 [Leica Mikrosysteme Vertrieb GmbH]
Microscope, Bright Field DM 100 [Leica Mikrosysteme Vertrieb GmbH, Germany]
Microtome RM 2125 RT [Leica Mikrosysteme Vertrieb GmbH, Germany]
Microwave Oven. 700T [BPL-Sanyo, India]
Mutation Detection System Dcode System [BioRed Laboratories, Australia]
Orbital Incubator Shaker, 10x 400xx2, C [Sanyo Gallenkamp, UK]
PCR Gene Amp 9700 [Applied Biosystems, Switzerland]
PCR Gene Cycler [BioRed, USA]
Platelet Aggregometer 560 ca [Chronolog Corporation, UK]
Rocking Platform, STR 6 [Stuart Scientific, Uk] Real Time PCR 7500 [Applied Biosystems, switzerland]
Sequencing Gel Electrophortesis Sequi Gen II [BioRed, USA]
Sonicator UP-20 S [M/s Dr. Hielscher GmbH, Germany]
Spectrofluorimeter, CaryEclipse [VARIAN,BV, The Neatherland]
Spectrophotometer (Varian). Cary 100 Scan [Varian Australia]
Speedvac Centrifugal Evaporator SC 110 [Savant, USA]
Transilluminator [Biostep Labour-Und Systemtechnik Gmbh, Germany]
Ultracentrifuge L7-65 [Beckman, USA]
UV Transilluminator [Hoffer, USA]
Water Purification System

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