Kalyan Sankar Raychoudhury, In-charge
          We provide and support the information technology and communication bridge between the institute community and its goals. The Information           Technology Department continues to keep pace with the continuously changing world of computer and Internet-based technologies, provide           modern infrastructure.
          will be an organization of dedicated, energetic professionals inspiring and guiding the members of the institute community as they prepare for a           world of rapidly developing technological innovations.
IT Department feature

  • We take pride in contributing to the fulfillment of the institute’s mission.
  • Integrity is essential in our relations with each other and with members of the institutes community.

  • Our relations with others are characterized by respect, helpfulness, sharing, tolerance, openness, honesty, and trust.
  • We resolve errors openly and with tolerance. We use disagreement as a dynamic, positive force in our work.

  • IT its improvement and success are our ongoing responsibility.

IT support chart

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