Head of the Department: Dr. Abhijit Rakshit, M.V.Sc.

Team :

Shri Samir Banerjee

Technician ‘A’

Shri Sudhir Saha

Laboratory Helper

Shri Bawra Nayak

Animal Attendant

Shri Rabin Malik

Animal Attendant

Shri Ganesh Das

Animal Attendant

Shri Maheswar Mahapatra

Animal Attendant

The Animal Care and Maintenance Department is the central laboratory animal facility of Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute. It is registered with the “Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA)”, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India. The Registration No. is 175/99/CPCSEA. The department maintains laboratory mice and rats, which are used in cancer research. Mainly these animals are used by different scientific departments of this Institute, and some are also used by other organizations, those are registered with the CPCSEA.

Swiss Albino Mice C57BL/6J Mice
Sprague Dawley Rats

The laboratory animals, which are maintained by the department, are:

1) Laboratory mouse - Strain ‘Swiss albino’

  • Strain ‘A’
  • Strain ‘C57BL/6J’

2 ) Laboratory rat – Strain ‘Sprague Dawley’

These animals are kept in polypropylene cages, water is provided with polypropylene water bottles. Balanced diet in the form of pellet is provided to the animals ad libitum. Animals are randomly bred in the animal house to maintain the colony. All the scientific departments those are performing animal experimentation keep and maintain their animals in this department. Animal experiments are also done in the Animal House itself. After experiment carcass of the animals are incinerated.

We have an “Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)” as per the provision of “Breeding of and Experiments on Animals (Control and Supervision) Rules, 1998”, under the “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (59 of 1960)”. The IAEC is supervised by the CPCSEA Nominee. The IAEC scrutinizes all the animal experimentation projects those are run in this Institute.