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About Library

The library continues to be an essential component of Institute’s research and treatment mission. Its two  wings, Hospital library and Research library cater to the need of Scientists, Clinicians, DNB  students,  Research scholars, Post graduate  summer fellows, and  technical staffs  of the Institute and also  extends   its facilities to other institutions,  universities, college students and  individuals. In support of the Institute’s research and patient care, the library provides users with a broad range of information services with its collection of books (both online and print), periodicals, electronics products and online journals.

During the year Library received  fund  from DST and set up one Computer Workstation  with one Server and Six nodes. A separate room was allotted for it. The work station is functioning successfully.The Library CHITTARANJAN NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE has been in existence since the establishment of the Institute. The library is conducive for long hours of study. The library is well equipped with conventional resources, as well as technology based  information services.

The library follows open access system and the books are arranged using Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme. Card catalogues/indexes are provided for manual search, Journals and book database is available on On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for electronic search through computer terminals.


  • To collect, organize & disseminate  printed & digital information
  • To provide information to the users.
  • To develop knowledge house.
  • To create and update a comprehensive database of cancer literature.

Rules & Regulations: [ DOC ]click here to download

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