Department Name:

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

H.O.D Name:

Dr.Ranajit Kr. Mondal , MBBS, PGDHHM, DNB, MD(PGI)


Email: info @cnci.org.in/ Phone No: 91-33-2476-5101 (ext-318)/ Fax No: 91-33-475-7606


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Lab Member:

Dr.Ranajit Kr. Mondal , MBBS, PGDHHM, DNB, MD(PGI).
Mr. Subhas Guha, B.Sc, Junior Scientific Assistant.
Mrs. Soma Das, B.A, Social Investigator.
Mrs. Indrani Nandi. M.A, Social Investigator.
Mrs. Pranati Sarkar. B.A, Social Investigator.
Mr. Souma Roy. M.A, Social Investigator.
Mr. Biswajit Bhattacharya. B.Sc, Social Investigator
Mr. Biswanath Ghose M.A, Social Investigator

Brief description of the ongoing research work:


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